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Foot Treatments


A non-invasive way to restore balance & maintain optimum health.

Based on the Ancient Chinese principal that the body is divided into ten vertical zones of energy running from head to the hands & feet, with each body organ lying along one or more of these zones and has its reflex in a corresponding zone or zones of the foot. Specific techniques are applied to the feet to encourage the balancing of all organs & systems of the body and so stimulating the body’s own self-healing.

Take your next step to move forward

Treatment , 50mins £35


Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflexology, but more intense & stimulating. 

Includes legs,  upper back, neck & scalp massage

Treatment at Least 60mins: £40


Head & Foot Treatment

Let yourself begin to move forward, rewind & close the door to you past. See a clearer future & take a step forward towards it.

* Begins with a reflex toe to heel massage to unravel tension.

* A stimulating, circulation boosting foot scrub is massaged in.

*While a warming mask works on your feet, your scalp is massage, taking you into a totally carefree state.

* Finishing off with a nourishing foot balm.

Treatment 60mins: £40

** Please be aware there is a 24hr cancellation policy - all late cancellations and no show will be charged in full.